Hello and welcome to my little strand of the internet.

This blog is back up after a relocation / remodel. In its first incarnation I wrote some articles where I picked a random paper from the cognitive science literature, critiquing it with the aim of extracting some lessons about scientific method (which is what I teach). A few of these can be found in the Incurably Sceptical section.

I am now refocusing the blog towards content aimed at the undergraduate and graduate students I work with and teach in my job. I am a bit of an obsessive guy and during my PhD read every productivity and self help book going, and tried every system out for myself.

In the productivity section (more to come) you can (/ will be able to) find articles on many of the major difficulties faced in academia: organising your work, beating procrastination, conducting literature reviews, writing etc.

In the wellbeing section (more to come) you will be able to find articles on achieving balance while you do the above, dealing with anxiety and low mood, and generally how to achieve your goals without falling into the trap of self criticism, and how to deal with setbacks.